A Story About Values

So over the last few months I felt as if I was being guided towards becoming a therapist, as well as a life coach.

I sat and really thought about what it was I wanted to be doing and where I saw myself making the biggest impact.

In 5 years time;

I saw myself buying a 4-5 bedroom house,

Having a therapy room, where I would facilitate psychedelic therapeutic settings and help people through things such as PTSD and emotional abuse,

Having an office space, where me and Charis would work on the business, podcasting, day to day runnings etc,

An outdoor unit at the end of the garden for a gym,

And overall just an amazing home, next to the sea, supporting people through deep transformations.

Thing is, I was not what you would call a model student while at school.

I was kicked out in year 10, and missed a lot of school through truancy and quite frankly just not feeling like I fit in (good old religious cult programming).

So I enquired about university.

I filled in the application,

Had a friend and coach of mine write me an amazing reference,

Had everything in place, and was confident that I would be one of the people that they waiver the G.C.S.E grades for, because ‘I knew my shit’

Well this is the first sign from God/source/universe that this might not be the path for me.

They told me that I would not qualify and I’d need to get the grades to get on to the course.

So I enquired about an access course to higher education.

I done everything that was required and yesterday was my enrolment day into Blackpool and Fylde college.

I turned up at College feeling anxious, it wasn’t anxious about starting the course or anything to do with the college itself,

I felt anxious because I was unsure if this was for me.

I walked up to where it said ‘enroll here’ and was greeted by 2 women,

“Hi would you mind just popping your mask on please?”

“I’m exempt” I replied.

She turned round and picked up a brand new mask and held it out to me,

I looked at her at repeated,

“I’m exempt”

The second woman standing beside her said “could you pop a visor on please?”

Again I repeated “no I won’t wear a visor I’m exempt”

They both looked at me and then at eachother and one of them said to me “erm… I’m not sure what to do, I’ll just go and get my manager”

Bless her, she was clearly feeling uncomfortable.

5 minutes went by and in that time I had messaged Charis saying I’m getting hassled about wearing a mask.

Finally her manager came out and walked towards me.

“Hi do you have your I.D to let me know that you are exempt?”

I responded “no I don’t need to show you anything it says that clearly on the government website”

“Yes but you can print it off though can’t you?”

“Yes I can do” I said.

“But even if you have an exemption card you will still need to wear either a visor or a mask…” she told me.

This is where things went downhill.

At the corner of my eye I could see, and quite clearly hear, a young girl in front of me being interrogated about wearing a mask.

She said that she can’t wear one because she has claustrophobia, and that she will get really overwhelmed if she has anything around her face.

She was passed a visor and asked if she could just pop it on.

She was clearly embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, so she put it on and said that she might get overwhelmed and have to take it off, there was no acknowledgement from the lady that gave her the visor as she was already greeting the next person in line.

So by this point I was really trying to keep my cool as I hate seeing people get bullied, especially if they are unable to speak up for themselves!

So I calmly said to the woman in front of me still,

“How does that work if I’m exempt and the government website says that I don’t need to prove anything to be able to enter places?”

She went on to tell me that “this is just what Blackpool and Fylde College are doing to combat the virus”

I asked “so what do we do then?”

“Well to be a student here, you will need to wear either a visor, or a mask in class, whether you’re exempt or not”

I looked at her for a few seconds puzzled,

“ok don’t worry I’ll leave it then” as I turned round and walked past the line of people that had just witnessed the whole thing.

I went back to the car and told Charis exactly what happened, to which she said to me,

“would you really want to be part of an organisation that isn’t inclusive and discriminates?”

The answer is clearly FUCK NO!

If the teachers bully people, and are happy to break the law (refusing someone an education because of a medical exemption that prevents people from wearing a mask), then what message is that teaching the students?

Now if that was Dan just a few short years ago, I would of only had 2 choices available to me,

Go against my values and morals,


Become argumentative,

Which shows me just how much I’ve grown.

This interaction gave me an opportunity to really see what is important to me, and whether I believe wholeheartedly in my beliefs or not.

The truth is sometimes we need doors to be shut in our face, for us to wake us up to the fact that that path is not meant for us.

Something I heard on a podcast was ‘don’t be the one to say no to yourself, let God tell you no!’

So what does this mean for my vision?

Absolutely nothing!

The only thing that has changed is the HOW.

While journaling this morning I know that the timeframe is also unrealistic…

I don’t need 5 years!

I’ve transformed who I am and the way my life looks profoundly in just 2 years!

Imagine what I’m going to do in the next 2 years with the momentum I’ve created already 😉!

My message is really one of values and trusting your intuition.

I had that little inkling, manifesting as anxiety, that this might not be the right path for me, I’ve always been one for following the road less travelled, I’ve been self employed for 8 years and I’ve always took that next step or leap forward, regardless of others telling me they would do something different, or that it won’t work out.

This is just another learning all around me trusting myself, and continuing to create what feels right to me!

Today I feel powerful!

I feel inspired and excited!

But most of all, I feel grateful for another lesson that has brought me closer to myself.

A door closing may be the very thing you need, even though you don’t understand why, your job is to let go of the need to figure it out and just learn to trust that it’s all working out exactly as it’s meant to for you 😊!

YOU are the creator of your reality!

Much love,


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