Are You Rejecting Parts Of Yourself?

My whole life I have either told myself I’m bad, or spent so much energy trying to control those parts of me that I thought were bad.

This has led me to reject a huge part of myself and never really let anyone in.
So many of us do this!

We hold on to the ideals of what we think we should be and then judge others for not living by our rules.

Since my childhood, and being told that my sexuality is bad, and Jehovah doesn’t like that part of me, I’ve held on to the belief that if God who loves everyone unconditionally doesn’t love me, then obviously I need to try my best to be someone else to be worthy of love.

Sex and masturbation have been so deeply filled with shame that it’s caused me to cheat, objectify, be disrespectful and hurt people I love.

As a result of this it has just showed me more proof that I am bad.

My sexuality is unsafe and when I am in sexual pleasure it causes me to hurt people.

It’s been a journey of so much pain, heartbreak and suffering but now I am ready to bring my most powerful self into my relationships, my business and the world.

Lastnight I had the courage for the first time ever in my life to fully open up about my sexuality and it felt so liberating.

Charis looked at me with such love and she said to me “I’m so proud of you and I am excited to be by your side supporting you in your most powerful version of yourself”

Everything that I’ve been through in my life has been part of God’s plan (not Jehovah, Actual God, the totality, the source of creation, unconditional love),

I needed to be brought up in a religious cult and experience such deep religious wounding and trauma,

I had to hurt my first love (as much as I wish I didn’t, and I know in time we will be able to have a friendship),

I had to go through the experience of being treated as a rapist (innocent until proven guilty isn’t actually a thing when you’re arrested by the way),

I had to live in fear of rejection all the while rejecting myself,

I have to be terrified of intimacy and only experience what it was like partially letting someone in,

I had to experience it all because without it I would NOT be able to fully understand what self rejection looked and felt like.

I needed to understand that because God has put me here to support you all into stepping into your true selves and expressing yourselves in whatever feels right for you.

No more fear of judgement,

No more settling,

No more playing small in the world,

I am a beacon of light for you all to guide you into your power so that you stop rejecting parts of yourself and holding on to all the limiting stories you have around ‘I’m not good enough’

You are more powerful than you know!

I recognise that this post and picture will trigger you into wanting to judge me,

That’s ok,

I understand,

What I would invite you to do is first of all ask yourself what is this trigger trying to teach me.

Because your ego will be wanting to keep you safe and by doing so it will cause you to put me in a box and label me.

I also understand that this will cause you to want to label me and my sexuality,

This too is ok,

It’s your ego wanting to keep you safe so that YOU don’t get judged,

I want you to know that whatever feelings this post brings up in you is absolutely perfect,

But it’s in these triggers that we learn the most about ourselves and get an opportunity to be aware of what part of us needs more love.

So I’m going to leave you now and give you the time and space to reflect,

But for now if you need a label to put on me to make you feel more safe,


I am a son of God.

If any of this resonates and you’d like to gain the confidence to be able to start showing up in your life and relationships fully instead of feeling like you have to hide/reject parts of yourself then my brand new 6 Week Breakthrough Programme it’s for you.

It’s a program that I’ve only been able to create now since fully stepping into my most powerful self and no longer rejecting any parts of me.

It’s a program that will allow you to look at all the areas of yourself that you are keeping hidden through shame and those stories that I’m all too familiar with ‘if I show someone this side of me they will reject me’

We go into self sabotage and how you are keeping yourself locked in victimhood,

I will teach you tools that will help you navigate your everyday life so you are much more aware of these patterns and know how to deal with them instead of feeling powerless.

Like I said it’s taken me my whole life, a shit load of money and even more energy and courage to get to this point on my self love journey,

So this program absolutely WILL reflect that.


How can you honour yourself right now instead of continuing to play small?

Much love Dan.

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