Why would you want to read my words?

A375853C-C9E4-405C-B6A0-B7841D9E4266Firstly I just want to explain why I have decided to start a blog and why you SHOULDN’T read it each week.

Hi I’m Dan (always feels uncomfortable saying or even typing them words) I’m a personal trainer and studio owner in Sudbury Suffolk.

Going through school I had little confidence especially with the female species, apart from at weekends when I used drink and drugs as a way of communicating and coming out of my shell, this seems to of stuck with me through the years, but I can actually manage a full conversation with a female now without sweating profusely and going red, attractive huh!

I always had this feeling of wanting more from life, and seeking something higher and more meaningful than this reality, of course I never mentioned anything like this at the time, imagine being 14 and turning to your mate and saying “maaaannnn” obviously drawn out because weed and teenage talk. “I really want to start searching for a higher meaning, and becoming more self aware” what the fuck are you on about pass me that bong is probably the response you’d expect to get, and to be honest, rightly so!

Fast forward to about the age of 17 and I started the gym with one of my older mates I played footy with. The feeling, and seeing my body change for the better gave me so much more confidence that I began to find my feet abit more and began talking to girls, I use the word talking very loosely but I was improving at it atleast.

I fell into a few shitty jobs that paid average wages but I never held them down, partly because I have abit of an issue with authority, and also they were boring as fuck, and the thought of doing them for years and years and years was something I wasn’t willing to accept.

I finally found a job I enjoyed, I felt valued in, and had a real sense of belonging. This job was caring for kids with behavioural problems, the money was good, the work itself gave me a sense of pride and I loved everyone I worked with (almost everyone 😂). But after my first year at this job I still felt like I wasn’t living the live I wanted to live and no longer got up feeling inspired and motivated to start the day, this is when my  attention again turned to health and fitness.

I started my personal training business, looking back now I can hardly call it a business because I was trying to get that off the ground while still doing between 40 and 60 hours a week at my care job.

Something had to give……

One morning before my 14 hour shift I got up early got ready and went to the gym as this had been bugging me for a few weeks, to the point where I wasn’t sleeping very well and was getting run down and for me, cardio helps me gain clarity on whatever is sucking energy out of me, ironic hey!

That lightbulb moment happened 30 mins into my crosstrainer slog and I left the gym went home and told my boss I wasn’t coming in and won’t be coming back.

I felt bad for how I left that job but at the time is was my only way, it was either there and then or coast along unhappy and lose my job through some level of complacency, not the best thing when dealing with kids that can go from 0-100 in less time than your first sexual experience lasted.

these last few years of being self employed I’ve learnt so much, not only about business but my own internal blueprint and the deeper i go into my own  thoughts and emotions the more clarity I gain from my past experiences.

As part of my daily content I send an email to my list, This has massively sparked a passion in me for writing.

I began to find myself writing more and more about mindset, relationships and self worth and although in some ways they do kind of link in with health and fitness, I wanted to focus on what my email subscribers want in regards to diet and training, and have a separate platform for my new found passion of writing about relationships, mindset, self worth, sex and other taboos that wouldn’t be appropriate in my business emails to clients, and potential clients.

So here we are……

I tried to give you a brief background so you can understand a little more about my ‘why’ and if you’d like to follow my blog, and gain insights into my thoughts about humans and how shitty we can all be and how to potentially understand why we do things,

And sex and profanities, because, well… who doesn’t like a random fuck from time to time, take that however you want, ok I’ll stop now, far too many innuendoes!

Basically this is going to be my weekly ramblings, purely because I enjoy writing about this sort of stuff.

So if you have 10-15 minutes a week to have a browse over what the mind of Dan has inside, it would be awesome to receive any feedback and if not, then, you win some you lose some I suppose 😭😂.

until next time…



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